Chimney Sweep Melbourne

For a safe, thorough and professional chimney cleaning service, look no further than Premier Chimney Sweep Melbourne.

We draw on 20 years of experience to expertly remove the soot and debris that prevents your chimney from burning effectively. Hiring Premier Chimney Sweep ensures that you can enjoy the warmth of your fireplace for longer.

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Why We’re The Best

Reasons to hire Premier Chimney Sweep Melbourne

Save money in the long run through maintenance

A poorly maintained fireplace prevents your fire from burning effectively. This means using more wood for less heat, increasing costs for you and your family. Premier Chimney Sweep uses the latest, high-grade equipment to keep your fireplace working at its best.

Keeping you and your family safe

Carbon monoxide is an odourless, colourless gas that spills from heaters, fireplaces and stoves. Carbon dioxide poisoning is so deadly because its victims can’t see it and symptoms aren’t shown until it is too late.
A blocked chimney, broken connector pipe, deteriorating chimney or rusted heat exchanger can contribute to the build-up of carbon monoxide. Hiring Premier Chimney Sweep to undertake maintenance on your chimney can ensure these defects are found and addressed early.

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